Why joining Sorority Life is the best!

10:00 AM

NEVER in a MILLION years would I have imagined joining a sorority. I didn't even realize we had one on this island let alone 3! In my freshman year all I wanted to do was go to class, come back, eat, do homework, and watch Netflix. Socializing was and sometimes is the hardest thing to do. So when my roommate told me that we should go to an info session about a sorority named Beta Beta Gamma, I didn't understand what I was getting myself into. All I knew about sororities was that they were mean girls who just wanted to party and make fun of the new girls. (Thank you to American Pie, Legally Blonde, & House Bunny).

But entering that info session changed my perspective in some many different ways! The girls were the nicest people ever, they helped the community by doing services such as helping Meals on Wheels, Bella Project, UNICEF, Red Cross, and so much more! I definetely wanted to be apart of something that gave back to the community. The girls were very inspiring. They had goals, and motivation to achieve their dreams, they were leaders, and outgoing, and always wanted to get to know you so you always felt welcome. Now four years later they have become my best friends and we continue to grow each year giving the new girls the same exact feeling I had when I rushed. I love being a Beta Beta Gamma girl.

If you're new to a college, check out their sororities and see if they fit what you are looking for in friends, values, and goals. If you live on Oahu and are going to attend UH Manoa this Fall check out our sorority Beta Beta Gamma! We are a local sorority so the only group ever. We are diverse and a small group so it's easier to connect with one another on a personal level. We love to have fun but also give back to the community!! Check out our Rush Video Below! <3

Are you ready to be a Beta Woman?!

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