FOMO No More!

10:00 AM

While everyone was on the other side of the world traveling or heading to the beach everyday, I was at home scrolling on Instagram living vicariously through them double tapping all pictures. I had the case of....FOMO - the fear of missing out! And boy did I miss out! There has to be a way to redeem myself, with only 33 days left in the summer it is time to turn my FOMO into GOMO! What is GOMO you ask? It means "Going Out More Often." Instead of sitting at home staring aimlessly at the computer watching Netflix it's time to go out and have fun with family and friends to find amazing things to do. Whether it be in another state/country, or even in your own community. You will never have FOMO and always be GOMO!

Here are some fun things that you can do if you're on the island of Oahu:
  • Hiking
    • Pillboxes
    • Maunawili
    • Makapu'u Tidepools

  • Urban Hangouts

    • Salt At Our Kaka'ako
    • Ward Warehouse: Cook Space Hawaii
  • Art Events:
    • Honolulu Academy of Arts.
Eventbrite has awesome ideas on what to do with family and friends and to always GOMO. Their site provides upcoming events in your area and workshops that you can join. Not only are you able to find events, but you could also create events/workshops via Eventbrite. Check out their site here:

Here are some events coming up through Eventbrite:
Get rid of that FOMO once and for all and GOMO!!
What are somethings that you do to get rid of FOMO? Please let me know some awesome ideas!
Thank you to Eventbrite for "curing" the cases of FOMO!

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