NEW SEGMENT! #girlswithgoals

10:30 AM

Hello blogger world!

It's been awhile since I've posted (shame on me!) I really miss writing, but I've been in a writing funk and I also have been extra busy with my sorority sisters! But now things are falling into place and now I can focus on this exciting new segment!! It is called #girlswithgoals! You must be wondering what the heck is this all about?...or probably not. Either way, I'm going to tell you. I wanted to create a segment that is consistent and worth the read! 
Being a part of the "blog world", "youtube world"etc. I've noticed HOW AMAZING US WOMEN ARE! We stick to things that we dream of and we go for it!! All of the articles, videos I stumble upon is usually about a girl or girls who go above and beyond that "glass ceiling" I feel like it should be recognized! Then I go onto my Facebook and see my own family and friends and notice all the women among me who do amazing work!! SOO I want to show the world (or whoever reads this) how AWESOME the women in my life are and how they are making a difference in their own way and inspiring me! 

I'm super stoked for where this segment will take me, and jumping with joy to show off these amazing women! It's our time to show the world how talented we are! 
My first guest will be shown this Saturday so be prepared! 

I hope all is well, what has life offered you lately or what have you offered life?


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