What College Has Taught Me,

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College has just begun and I can happily I mean sadly say I will not be attending this year. I am now an ALUMNI (for now, unless I want to go back...probably not). But college was really one of the best things that I experienced, aside from actually going to classes :) The atmosphere, the people you meet, the things you learn inside and outside of class it was pretty amazing. For those just starting off as Freshman here is my advice to you. Enjoy every moment, the good and the bad. It helps you grow and learn about yourself. Embrace your surroundings, and just live! Because it'll be gone in a blink of an eye and then you're an adult in the "real" world. For college I loved being prepared, writing in my planner, making sure I had all of my syllabis, and living in the dorms!

Here are some tips on how to prepare for college:

Get familiar with the campus
    • Some colleges are HUUUGE it probably takes 30 minutes to walk from one side to the next. Luckily I had a medium size school and it only took about 10-15 minutes to walk.

Check your emails for syllabis
    • Teachers usually like to send out syllabis the week before school, so always be on the lookout for that. They usually like you to bring it to class day of so that they can explain what the class is all about.
Get organized with a planner
    • I LOVEEE PLANNERS. Every year I would buy a nice, easy to read planner. One year I got bored and bought about 10 in one YEAR!! But I love to organize and see what is due is day or an event to look forward to.
DO NOT buy your books from the bookstore..unless you need it right then and there.
    • I know it's weird to say not to buy BOOKS from a BOOKstore. But they rip you off!! Well, at least I know mines did. They overprice books that you're probably not going to use and yeah, they'll buy it back but for like $10-$20 the most...and the book was $150! Your best bet would be to buy it from Chegg or Amazon! :)
Join an organization/club
    • Joining a sorority was the best thing I could have done for myself! I met friends who I know will have my back till I'm old and wrinkly! Check out my post HERE.
Make NEW friends
    • Yes, I want you to socialize. That was probably the hardest thing for me to do and sometimes it still is, but I have become maybe 50% outgoing and that is a big improvement for me and I know you can do it too! College students I believe are WAAAY outgoing and nicer than High School students. I guess because we are growing up and the campus is bigger which makes it more intimidating.
    • MAJORITY of us must be like, "what money?!" we are college students we shouldn't even have money. But whatever money we have whether it's from a school job or winning the lottery - SAVE IT! It's fun to treat yo self here and there but not ALL OF THE TIME. I wish I saved money for after college just to have an emergency fund of some sort.
Have fun once in awhile
    • College is all about studying, cramming, and hopefully achieving with the major we dream. But sometimes we need a break too. Whatever you type of fun is whether it be reading, heading to the beach, going out to a party, shopping, etc. do it or else you're going to go NUTS.
Know that things WILL change.
    • Change will occur whether it is good or bad. I thought in my freshman year that things will stay the same. I was going to major in Nursing and move to the mainland or transfer to a mainland school, I wouldn't wear makeup (lol). EVERYTHING now has changed. I graduated with a Sociology degree, I met SOO much new people, I'm still living in Hawaii, and I wear makeup and have a side business as a freelancer. Change can be scary but it opens new doors and possibilities that you never would have imagined!
"Freshman 15" is  a LIE
    • It's more like Freshman 50+, in my freshman year I didn't understand self-control in the cafeteria, I mean it said buffett so I would go back all the time. Also, Netflix was my best friend. Now I attempt to workout and eat healthier. But indulge sometimes and maybe only go once in the ice cream line (lol)...but have 10 scoops JK!
What are some tips you know of to prepare for college?

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