Aloun Farms Pumpkin Patch

10:30 AM

Fall season is in full effect! It's been awhile since we both went to a pumpkin patch. I'm pretty sure the last time we went, we were about 6 years old. We went to the first day of the Aloun Farm Pumpkin Patch Festival. Upon entrance we noticed that this is mainly for children (woops) there were rides for the kids, entertainment, food, free hayrides and all. We mainly went just to get pumpkins. The first place we went to was the sunflower field. I was so excited to get some cool in the sunflower field pictures but they were not in bloom :( as you can see from the pictures above there was half bloomed flowers. I do like how they look when they are developing. We walked in between the flowers and the leaves hurt! I ended up exiting with a rash (probably a mixture of heat as well). So we headed towards the pumpkin fields, and there was many to choose from, but the distance we had to walk to get to the good ones was insane! I think I just thought that because it was really hot, hehe. We found a few good ones and I was thinking we were only going to purchase 2 pumpkins...we left with 5! All of the families were prepared to bring their pumpkins home with their wagons, we had to carry them out. It was quite a workout and my arms are still in the process of becoming strong, so I was dying!! :) Overall, I really enjoyed it, we ended up with some cute round pumpkins, brought them home and carved them that night. I LOVE FALL SEASON!! <3 

What is your favorite thing about Fall?

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